Let our WebStore do the searching for you.

Duncan’s Outdoor Shop has 60 plus years in the firearm industry. Because of the relationship we have made over these years we have access to suppliers many other do not.

When you shop our online store you now have access to those suppliers also.

As you search through our WebStore you will see three different tables for availability.

  1. Not Available: this means at that time none of our suppliers have the product you are looking for.
  2. Available: this means one of the number of distributors has what you are looking for. This is available to order directly from them. You can purchaser it and your order  will be shipped to us and we will contact you when it arrives.  If you are out of state you can have it delivered directly to a Licensed FFL dealer of your choosing.
  3. On The Shelf: this means we have what you are looking for on the shelf in the store at that moment. You can pay for it right them and we will contact you once we process. (typically takes 2-3 business days to process, on the shelf inventory is updated every day)