Have a firearm you are looking at selling let us help you. 

We have two ways to assist in this.

  1. Sell to us directly: Duncans will purchase your used firearm. We will research the value of the gun based on make and model, condition of the gun, and what the current average price that particular firearm is selling for used. For this service all HANDGUNS MUST have a copy of the pistols sales record for when the seller purchased the handgun. With out this we cannot buy or sell you firearm. 
  1. Sell by consignment: If you want, we can list your firearm on our web-store and put on our store shelf to sell for you. There is no guarantee of selling this way, and once it sells Duncan’s charge’s a straight 26 percent of the selling price for this service. We ask that the firearm stay with us for a minimum of 30 days. 


No matter which way you choose there will appropriate federal paperwork that is required to be filled out before we sell or purchase your firearm.