Our newly installed custom cases allow us to display several hundred new and used handguns. This allows our customers to compare the feel of different models. We encourage our customers to pick their gun by how well it fits them. We have pistols and revolvers from all the major manufacturers. Our membership in the NBS buying group gets us new models as soon as they are released and at very competitive prices. We also have over four hundred rifles, shotguns, muzzleloaders, and air rifles on display. We have a large supply(several hundred handguns and a couple hundred long guns) of new guns in our backrooms so if you do not see the caliber you want, please ask.

Our staff is made up of competitive shooters and hunters. We are shooters. We will take the time with you to make sure that the gun you choose fits you and your purpose for wanting it. With every gun purchase we include a coupon for range time so you can take your new purchase to the range and try it out.

If you need to take a more “hands on” approach, we have over thirty hand gun to rent. For sixteen dollars plus our ammunition  you can try out one of pistols or revolvers for one half hour.

A shotgun needs a case, a rifle needs a scope, and a carry gun needs a holster. Let our staff help you thru the many choices that are available.