We believe seeing and handling is the best way to find the firearm that fits you. We display all our guns in custom glass cases or wall mounted long gun racks so you can shop by looking first. When you are ready one of our sales team will be there to show you and teach you all about the gun or guns you are interested in.


We encourage our customers to pick every gun by how well it fits the customer. Our staff is made up of competitive shooters and hunters and firearm experts. We will take the time with you to make sure that the gun you choose fits you and your purpose for wanting it.


Duncan’s membership to an exclusive firearm buying group allows us to to get in newest models in as soon as they are available. This also allow us to carry pistols, revolvers, shot-guns and rifles from all the major manufactures. But don’t worry if you cannot find what your looking for from the hundreds of firearms on our shelves. We would be happy to research through our distributors what is available and a price.

Shop our online store for many available firearms currently on the shelf and any we can get through our distributors.